7 Weight Retention Habits To Maintain Your Slim Body After 2 Months

In the not-so-far future two months from now, you’re going to lose that extra 50 pounds. But what will you do after that? Throw a feast with your friends? Treat yourself to a lavish buffet? If you’d committed yourself to the healthy lifestyle, you’ll unlikely to devour greasy and gluten-packed foods. Maintaining your eating habits isn’t enough. Here are more weight retention exercise hacks of people who lost 50 pounds and who are planning to keep that way.

1. Exercise as a lifestyle

After the rigorous weight loss program, you should continue practicing exercise routines. Such exercises can be made more fun. You can choose dancing, aerobics, or yoga as a replacement for the regimen you used to do before. At this point, exercise should sound as an enjoyable activity for you instead of a taxing responsibility.

By any means, you have to stay active. Avoid going back to lazy habits of skipping morning jogs or your cardio routine. Even if it’s raining outside, you can practice indoor exercises. You can join a weight loss community to support you.

2. Make discipline a life-long commitment

Losing 50 pounds is a big achievement. As much as you want to celebrate, you should ensure that your self-discipline is in the works. An eat-out with friends is fine, but make sure that you checked the menu of the restaurant for low-calorie dishes. With that, all of you will enjoy the dinner without the worry that you’re munching unwanted calories.

Like what was said in previous articles, you shouldn’t indulge on cheat days. This isn’t meant to make your life miserable. As long as you keep everything in moderation and you follow a weight retention exercise, you’ll enjoy your old favorites.

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3. Place reminders

Physical reminders like a note in the fridge will help you retain your discipline. Sometimes, you need a virtual pat on the back to remind you that eating excessively comes with a high cost. Visual cues had long been proven to be effective in helping people attain goals. This is no different with your weight loss lifestyle.

You can also sign up on forums or join groups to be involved in discussions. Surrounding yourself with people who motivate you to continue living healthy is a surefire method. Don’t forget to do your part of reflecting on your activities.

4. Always plan meals

You shouldn’t run out of healthy foods in your kitchen. When making a grocery list, make sure to keep the greens in check. Although you’d lose weight, it’s important that you don’t stop planning your meals. Continuously watching your calorie count will help. Practicing this is important especially for people who have slow metabolisms.

If you want to take a snack, it’s advisable to get foods that are hard to eat. Buy a bag of pistachios and shelled nuts. Eating this requires you to slow down and focus on what you’re munching. Hard to eat foods will also stop you from overeating.

5. Keep the weighing scale in check

During the process of losing weight, the weighing scale seems to be the counterpart of the hot seat. After you survived the agony of checking your progress, you shouldn’t toss it in the basement. Keeping your pounds in check regularly will allow you to monitor weight fluctuations. The scale will tell you when to reduce food intake and add more weight retention exercise.

Check your weight at least once a week but don’t get obsessed with it. An additional shouldn’t pound stress you to death, instead, you should pinpoint where it came from.

weight retention exercise

6. Focus on eating

Once it’s eating time, you should put all gadgets away and turn the TV off. Focus on what you’re eating and chew your food well. Doing this will make you appreciate food and get full easily. You’ll also reduce the tendency to overeat.

After you eat, make sure to remove leftovers and wash all the dishes. Keep a toothbrush handy so you can wash your tongue after each meal. Brushing will remove the taste of food in your mouth, preventing you from craving for more.

7. Always eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping it will result in overeating during the later part of the day. At that point, you don’t have enough to do to burn the excess calories.

Aside from that, breakfast is important for your brain functions. If you’re working on an empty stomach, you’ll be less productive. The worse scenario is you won’t stop thinking about food. To make sure that you’re going to get an early bite, plan in the evening. You can prepare it right away and just reheat it in the morning.

Doing each weight retention exercise will help you maintain your slim body. Another 50 pounds has no room in your body. Keep that healthy lifestyle and excess fats will be at bay.

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7 Weight Retention Habits To Maintain Your Slim Body After 2 Months

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