7 Best Weight Loss Websites That You Should Be Following

Are you the type who used to read weight loss magazines under the sheets with a flashlight? There is nothing shameful about leaping another mile for your weight loss plan aside from exercising and cutting your diet. I actually recommend that you practice reading these weight loss tips so you get to pick new strategies to get rid of those clingy belly fats. And if you are looking for weight loss websites to visit, this post is not one to disappoint.

As an avid reader, I love devouring reading materials from a variety of niches. But being in a weight loss plan, having this habit is another arsenal on a fitness journey. So without more fluff, here are the sites you can visit:

1. Breakfast to Bed

If you think that losing more than 170 pounds needs a miracle, then website owner Cat Tan will blow your mind. If you think that’s all, well, she just managed to keep her fitness even after two baby bumps!

On her website, Cat shares practical recipes to help with your eating plan as well as audio books and series that can help you through losing the extra pounds. Cat’s story is also inspiring, being a deaf mom to two kids, she still manages to hit the gym and beef up her site with lots of precious content – all in the name of helping others achieve their fitness goals.

On the other hand, she also loves dirty jokes. You may find it really fun connecting with her.

2. Brooklyn Fit Chick

From being a smoker, blogger Margo Donohue threw the towel and promised to devote herself on a healthier lifestyle. Aside from providing fitness tips on her site, she also values endurance in losing weight. I think that is the reason why she beautifully mixed podcasts and some of her take on movies. Another good thing here is that she has her own set of eargasm for weight loss routines. So if you love playing music while hitting the gym, you can really enjoy her weight loss websites stuff.

If you are tired of sites that have too serious content about weight loss, you can try visiting Brooklyn Fit Chick and see for yourself.

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3. Yum Yucky

If you want a more focused and detailed website to refer during your weight loss routine, Yum Yucky can be your perfect find. The site is powered by the charm and confidence of Josie who keeps devoted to her healthy lifestyle even at the age of 44 and after four kids.

She also has recipe suggestions paired by a number of routines that you can try. Her site is actually a go-to if you are starting on planning a weight loss journey. Another plus point that I saw on her site is the ‘Natural Remedies’ section that aims to help you burn fats with organic means as well as help you treat other body problems.

4. Fit to the Finish

Owned by fitness enthusiast Diane Carbonell, Fit to the Finish is a paradise for those who aspire to lose weight and maintain it over the years. Diane herself lost almost 160 pounds in her 18-year weight loss course and eventually wrote a book about it, the ‘150 Pounds Gone Forever’. She’s not just another typical blogger. Television and magazine features about her attest the credibility of her content.

If you are interested in having a deeper understanding of Diane’s recipe suggestions, you can actually book her as a coach on your weight loss plan. Another big plus is her speakership that you can also glimpse on weight loss websites like this. It’s really a captivating blog that I keep on scrolling on her pages.

5. Diary of an Aspiring Loser

From the name of her site, I’m sure that you had already found a bosom buddy on your weight loss journey. Michelle owns the site and had been chronicling her weight loss struggle and success since 2007. Right now, at age of 45, she is already a maintainer who also happens to be a professional psychotherapist.

In her blog, she has this “Tummy Tuck Tell-All” where she narrates undergoing a tucking surgery to remove her sagging belly skin, the proof that she succeeded in losing her extra pounds. If you think she is not enough to inspire you, then Oprah Winfrey might just shame you of her TV feature with Michelle.

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6. Run Repeat Eat

If you are aspiring to shed those extra 20 pounds, then Monica of Run Repeat Eat can be your boost of spirit. From what the name of her blog suggests, yes, she is an avid runner and a good one actually.

Monica is not a stranger to trying tons of weight loss strategies but failing time and again. With that, she diverted her down times to running where she started to lose weight and earn lots of medals. As of this writing, she had been to 30 full marathons.

Aside from that, she has this 24-day challenge on her website that you can actually follow and see if it suits you. But if you already have a target date, you can still feast on her recipes and lifestyle tips, no weight loss websites has that.

7. Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?

If you want to lose weight with another expert, Rebecca Regnier will not disappoint you. Aside from being a decorated writer and fitness author, she is also a host of a lifestyle television show on her own channel, RebeccaTV.
You can pick a lot of tips from her episodes and musings on her blog. I hope that after visiting her site, you can actually answer the blog name with a big ‘NO’.

You don’t have to feel guilty having those fitness magazines around the house. Nor should you sneak into the computer to browse for the best weight loss websites. These materials are helpful to achieve your goals. As long as you don’t obsess yourself with it, you can make the most out of the sites.
So toss that flashlight and no more hiding under the blanket. Be proud that you are one strong fat “loser”.

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7 Best Weight Loss Websites That You Should Be Following

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