7 Ways to Jumpstart Your 50 Pounds in Two Weeks Weight Loss Plan

Burning 50 pounds in two weeks is a serious task. Just thinking of the weight you have to shed will make you cringe at the idea. Such target could be hard at first glance, but reading some weight loss tips to get started will cheer you up.

It could be hard, but it’s never impossible. There are many success stories shared on the web, which serves as an inspiration to those aiming to achieve the same weight goal. So to shed your unwanted fats, here are some key points you can start with.

1. Plan ahead

Fifty pounds is 50 pounds. You’re not going to get rid of it if you’ll just mental count calories and take chances on low-fat yogurt.  You should make a detailed schedule for your workout, diet, and other routines.

Planning also includes pointing out what should be changed in your lifestyle. Do you always check your email while eating? Or is exercising not in your vocabulary? These are important so you can make weight management your lifestyle even after two months. There are many weight loss apps on the web that you can download for this.

2. Prioritize your health

Practicing crash diets or making abrupt calorie cuts won’t be good for your health. It will shed you a pound or two right away, but it will also end you up with an IV fluid needle. Crash diets will “wreak havoc” on your body system. Instead of burning fat, you’ll burn muscles. Such unhealthy practice will also affect your nervous system and endanger your life. The bottom line? You should follow these weight loss tips to get started on your routine.

For such hefty target, you need to consult a fitness coach so you can get rid of the pounds fast and safe. Your weight loss plan shouldn’t feel like a torture cell. As much as possible, incorporate exercises that only fits your current condition.

weight loss tips to get started

3. Pick a happy place to workout

Comfort is important when you’re engaging in a serious body workout. You have to find a trainer with whom you’re comfortable sharing your weight loss woes with. The place where you practice your routine should have a motivating mood too. Do you have a friendly neighborhood? Or are your neighbors eyeing you every morning you do jogging?

As for choosing the right fitness coach, you should find someone who’s experienced guiding overweight people. Those who are new on a 50-pounder target might recommend routines that don’t work. Not to mention the harm it may cause, ineffective routines will result in a frustrating feeling.

4. Walking, not running

Running is the typical resort of heavy people when they want to lose weight. But as much as it’s convenient and effective, running is taxing on the knee joints. With your 50 pounds still waiting to be burned, just imagine how dreadful it is to be immobile with an injured knee.

You should heed these weight loss tips to get started practicing routines advisable for people planning to lose 50 pounds. Exercising doesn’t always have to be tough and muscle-wrenching. For a holistic approach, start with the basics. Always make warming up your starting point to avoid injuries.

5. Develop a better sleeping habit

It might be hard to fall asleep with 50 pounds of thinking bothering your mind. Aside from over thinking, your habit of skipping enough shut-eye won’t do any good in shedding pounds. If you’re fond of pulling an all-nighter, you should start training yourself to break the habit. Finish your tasks or homework ahead of time. And for your weight’s sake, stop marathoning a whole TV series in one night.

When you don’t sleep enough, your stress hormones shoot up. This will push your wanting to eat. Before you know it, you’re already hunting down leftovers in the fridge.

weight loss tips to get started

6. Water as one of the weight loss tips to get started

Celebrity fitness trainer Chris Powell shares that contestants in the Extreme Weight Loss TV show gulp down a gallon of water every day. But before you start filling in another tumbler, you should know that drinking must always be accompanied by sweating. Improper and excessive water intake is poisonous to the body, so practice drinking water in regular intervals.

Water keeps you hydrated and makes you feel full. However, water can be tiring so you can try a cup of green tea from time to time. Green tea is great detox drink and has fat-burning compounds called catechins.

7. Forget about “cheat days” and “happy hours”

During a strict weight loss program, it’s always tempting to let loose and indulge in a cheat day. Booze and other sweet drinks have liquid calories that are harder to burn than those that come from solid food. Liquid calories settle in the gut. And once you lose touch of sobriety, you’re going to drink or eat more than what you planned for.

Your happy hour will also be a constant reminder that there’s a window in between your workout. Instead of having the enthusiasm to finish a routine, you’ll look forward to going out with friends to satisfy your guilty pleasures. With this, you should start taking self-discipline seriously.

If you don’t know where to start your 50-pound target, these weight loss tips to get started will be your springboard. You don’t have to force yourself to jump into a strict regimen right away. Take everything in slow pace but make sure that you’re building discipline along the way.

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7 Ways to Jumpstart Your 50 Pounds in Two Weeks Weight Loss Plan

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