10 Proven Weight Loss Rules that Help Shed 25 Pounds in 30 days

A weight loss journey is like joining a poker game. You don’t goof around, instead, you follow the rules, act smart, and win the match. With no weight loss rules to follow, chances are you’re going to fail on getting the target waistline.

There’s no such thing as a weight loss bible that you have to abide when trying to lose extra pounds. But fitness enthusiasts knew and did better because they followed these proven tips:

1. Make it a lifestyle

Your weight loss practices shouldn’t be as short as your favorite TV series. If you want to lose 25 pounds and maintain it for years, you have to make permanent lifestyle changes. But it doesn’t have to be in haste. If you love burgers for breakfast, you can slowly introduce eggs or smoothies then switch it if you think that your body can handle it already.

Be strict on your first month of weight loss since experts say that the pounds shed in the first month will reflect the progress in the following days. The important thing is that you don’t stop being healthy after 30 days.

2. Avoid hunger anxiety

When we’re hungry, we tend to over think deprivation. If you start to feel like this, ask yourself first if you’re really hungry or you might just be bored or sad. A San Diego nutritionist Wendy Bazilian suggests that you try the “Apple test”. If an apple looks yummy for you, then you must be really hungry. But if it isn’t, then you might be associating some negative feeling to the need to eat.

Try to distract yourself by running, watching a movie, or talking to a friend. Drinking water can alleviate that sudden pang of hunger too.

3. Eat organic

Make plant-based food your best friend. This is an unwritten but obvious rule when you are losing weight because processed foods are high in carbs. You should focus your diet on protein because it easily satiates and it keeps on pumping your metabolism.

You can try putting any of these in your diet: Plant-based fats, produce, or protein. I suggest that protein is a good choice since nutritionists say that people who eat double of their protein RDA can lose 70% more weight.

weight loss rules

4. Know the right way to exercise

Another weight loss rules: you don’t have to hit the gym every day for hours. Doing cardio every day can easily make you hungry so it’s better that you practice interval workout and strength training. Allow three days per week on strength training plus four cardio sessions.

Remember that not all exercise works for everyone so I advise that you find the strength training routine that you can enjoy.

5. Crash diet and meal skips is a no-no

Crash diets will just lead you to binge eating when you can no longer hold the hunger. The same will happen when you skip a meal since you’ll be too hungry in the evening. Fasting to lose weight doesn’t promote healthy eating and you’ll end up losing muscles instead of bad fats.

You don’t have to starve yourself just to lose weight. Just limit your calorie intake and substitute food items for healthier ones. Also, never skip breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day even to those who are losing weight and I suggest that you eat within two hours after you wake up.

6. Get enough sleep

When you have bad sleeping habits, your body will produce more hunger hormones. When that happens, you’ll eat more and if you don’t splurge, you’ll feel lethargic. Studies had already proven that people who sleep less tend to lose less weight.

Try to get at least seven hours of quality doze. Don’t sleep with your pet or anyone who will wake you up many times in the middle of your slumber. This can feel tiring than five hours of sleep.

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7. Give equal importance to “what you eat” and “how you eat”

Eating while checking your email or watching TV will make you appreciate the food less. When that happens, you feel less satiated and you will eat more. Focus on what you eat and chew it very well; more chewing means easier filling.

Attentive eating as one of the weight loss rules is proven to reduce food consumption during snacks. That means fewer calories in a day’s meal.

8. Don’t obsess yourself in the weighing scale

It’s okay to check your weight on the scale every day, but don’t do this after every meal. Weighing yourself once a day is enough and if your numbers shoot up, don’t panic. Weight fluctuation is normal and you can settle it in a few days.

But if it keeps on climbing after several days, you have to reassess your diet plan. You have to check your weight loss rules.

9. Don’t rely on low-fat bars and supplements

There’s no problem with drinking weight loss tea or eating low-fat bars. But solely relying on it for your weight loss goal is a crazy idea. You have to be mindful of what you eat and you have to exercise.

This is the biggest sin if you’re targeting to shed 25 pounds in four weeks. Weight loss products are not magic pills that can make you fit as long you patronize it. Chances are these companies will make money while your keep fats stagnant on your gut.

Low-fat bars have low carb content but it’s typically high in artificial sweeteners. I suggest that you prepare your own food for a snack instead of indulging in commercial products.

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10. Plan it!

In everything that we do – be it business, studies, career, or relationships – we need to have long-term plans. Planning for the long haul doesn’t mean that you’re skipping family eat-outs or stopping watching cooking shows. Your weight loss plan should include your calorie diet, workout type, target loss, timeframe, and more related information.

This plan can make sure that you’re headed straight to the right path. Without it, you’ll keep on mental noting calorie counts and pound losses. That’s a surefire way to fail, buddy.

Like what the experts say, you have to act smart to achieve your goal. If you don’t have weight loss rules to top your fitness journey, you can easily go off the beaten path. These rules are experiential and had been proven by hundreds of weight loss buffs. I’m sure that it will work the same for your weight loss plan.

Do you know more of these rules? Share your story with us in the comment section!

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10 Proven Weight Loss Rules that Help Shed 25 Pounds in 30 days

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