7 Weight Loss Practices That You Should Stop Doing Right Now

I know that at one point, we become desperate to get rid of our extra pounds that we resort to absurd and health-risking weight loss practices all for the sake of getting fit. The promise of instant slim is really alluring, that we sometimes take for granted the negative effects that it can bring to our weight goals.

So what should you do? Just stop those bizarre practices and draw the line between effective weight loss routine and health-jeopardizing ways. To help you diagnose your own fit of no-nos, here are some of the weight loss habits that you should stop doing right now.

1.Depriving yourself

I had said much about this and I’m not exempting this post to reiterate that losing weight is not synonymous to depriving yourself of food. Deprivation is a harmless act in a weight loss plan. It’s like filling up the flask of need until it explodes only to find you devouring a plateful mountain of pasta or a gallon of ice cream.

You don’t need to push yourself to the extremes just to convince your ego that you are serious about losing the extra pounds. Learn to reduce your intake of those carb-packed foods until you reach the minimal level that you can handle. You don’t have to totally ditch your guilty pleasures, you just have to teach yourself some discipline to still enjoy a little serving once in a while.

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2. Taking low-fat diet as the foundation of your weight loss plan

Although this low-fat diet idea had ruled the weight loss world for long, the fact is, it is not actually a sustainable way of losing your excess weight. The big reason is that it is oozing with sugar that will eventually lead to weight gain. Also, the idea of this weight gain practice can lead you to excessive eating since you think that it is guilt-free. But after you devoured more than you should be, you will realize that your belly had just got bigger than before.

So let us set the record straight here. Not all fats are a bane. If you are wise enough to know that there is such thing as healthy fats, you will learn to maximize it for your benefit. Nuts, avocado, and olives have healthy fats that contribute to your metabolism. So having a gentle serving of it will not hurt your weight loss plan.

3. Doing only exercise or doing no exercise at all

You can never spell weight loss without exercise. But some of us usually think that they can get away with the calories of a hefty burger just because they exercise regularly. Well, a 30-minute run in the thread mill can make you burn about 250 calories, but you should know well that a double patty burger consists of almost 400 calories. Calculating that will already give you an unpleasant result.

What I want to say here is that exercise is of no use if you just keep eating what you want. Although you will not deprive yourself, you still have to sacrifice and take a cut on your calorie intake. That way, you can really balance and see actual results than mere mind conditioning.

For some, the case is actually the other way around. If you think that cutting calories alone is enough to bring you to your weight loss goal, then I might have just debunked it right now. Yes, reduced carb intake is good, but without exercise, your body will remain stagnant. Your progress will be slower than a walking turtle.

4. Skipping meals

“Okay, I didn’t eat my lunch, I feel like I just lost two pounds on that.” It might sound like a statement of a hard-earned victory, but in fact, skipping meals is not the Holy Grail of losing weight. Starving yourself will not only give you ulcer, but it can also slow your metabolism down. The chance of you overeating at dinner is as certain as your failure to shed pounds.

What’s wrong with these weight loss practices is skipping meals, instead of lessening what you eat. You cannot handle physical exercise if you do not have the energy to move and sweat your fats out. Just look for substitutes to your foods that are high in caloric levels and adopt healthier eating habits.

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5. Following a cut-off on your eating

This one is quite rampant with friends even suggesting it to me. But the fact here is that eating after 7 pm does not make all the food you eat as instant fats set to hound your tummy by midnight. For me, what you eat matters most than what time you eat. For instance, you followed this 7 pm rule but at 6 pm you are eating everything that you can as if you are in an eating competition. The result? Far worse than actually eating a little after the 7 pm mark.

Although your metabolism will actually slow down a notch when you are asleep, you just have to learn to balance your food intake just so you are not fooled by these weight loss practices. Remember, there is no such thing as an “eating deadline”.

6. Chewing gums to avoid eating

Finding ways to avoid the call of hunger is normal when you are in a weight loss plan. But chewing gum should not be one of it. First, it is packed with sugar to make it taste even after a dozen chews. Next, you are actually calling hunger than actually avoiding its call.

When you chew, your body is detecting this action as a signal that food is on its way to your stomach. With that, your stomach is actually prepping up to digest food, making you even more hungry. Without food to digest, your body signals go haywire.

Instead of doing wrong weight loss practices, try taking a sip of water and natural lemon juice whenever you feel you are hungry but it is not yet time to eat. Just avoid powdered juice or diet soda. Even if it says, “light” or “diet”, it is still soda that is packed with liquid calories.

7. Purging yourself too much

This one is quite creepy and some people tend to do it when they are getting obsessed with weight loss. It includes chewing food but not actually swallowing them, meaning they will just spit it out after grinding. At extreme times, some people feel that they have to get rid of what’s inside their tummies to truly achieve their weight goals. They use laxatives and even abuse it.

Too much vomiting can damage the esophagus and erode the enamel of the tooth. This is because the acid in our stomach is strong that it is only subjected to digest food and not go up in the sensitive part of the digestive system. Doing wrong  weight loss practices like this is a no-no.

It can also lead to eating disorders or even cancer when practiced regularly. Without enough nutrition, you will end up malnourished instead of physically fit. Another appalling result of these practices is extreme dehydration that can land you straight to the hospital. Fluid imbalances will also occur if you will keep on doing these.

I fully understand why we sometimes tend to be desperate when we are trying to lose weight. A month of no actual evidence of any result is really discouraging and our urge to look better may get the best from us. But if you don’t want your plan to go out of control, you have to stop these weight loss practices.

We want to be fit, but as well as healthy. And the only way to achieve that is to have everything in the right balance. Do you have some thoughts about this post? Let us know your comments below.

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7 Weight Loss Practices That You Should Stop Doing Right Now

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