Top 15 Foods and Ingredients To Avoid To Lose 50 Pounds in Sixty Days!

Foods keep as alive, but at some point, it can kill one thing: our weight loss plan. It is easy to come up with a diet strategy, but once you are caught off guard, there are some ingredients or food items that can sabotage your calorie count. To avoid this, I have this post as my attempt to provide you a list of foods that kill weight loss goals.

Some you might be familiar, but others might still be on your grocery list or supply cabinet. To start purging your kitchen, here are some of the foods you should avoid if you want to lose 50 pounds in two months:

1. Soda and any type of booze

Not only solid foods bring calories. There is what we call ‘liquid calories’ that are harder to burn than solid fats since it settles in the gut firmly. The main culprits with these are sodas that you might be probably chugging in the vending machine in your office. “But it’s light! Zero! No sugar!” Well, that fact is actually more harmful than what you think and you’ll find it out as we go on this list.

Aside from that, alcoholic drinks are similarly packed with liquid calories. Since drinks do not satiate you for long, you will have the urge to drink more. This happens mostly when you don’t have the time to eat and just sipping something tasty to fill up your hunger.

list of foods that kill weight loss

2. Coffee Creamer

Yes, coffee is your best friend during those sleepless nights, but pairing it with creamer will not be a good decision. Most coffee creamers are high in fat, that said, your cup of coffee is on the list of foods that kill weight loss. Although coffee does not really make you fat, you still have to limit intake of caffeine.

If you want a hot sip, you can switch to unsweetened tea. That way, you get anti-oxidants as a plus factor.

3. Soy Sauce

Soy sauce does not actually make you fat, but it can make your belly bloat. As much as it tastes salty, it has high sodium content that makes water retention longer, causing you to feel and look fatter than what you really are. Also, too much sodium intake is the cause of hypertension and heart diseases.

Anyway, soy is actually a GMO or genetically-modified organism that is not really very organic. That’s enough to make me question its nutritional quality.

4. Processed food

One fact about processed food is that it has long shelf life. In order to do that, manufacturers have to pump it with sodium and other preservatives that are high in calorie levels. Another thing is that processing these foods can kill the original nutrients it contains while replacing it with fatty oils and artificial flavors.

Also, some processed foods are in small servings. This means that the carbs for one actual meal are compressed in a small container. You might think that you are cutting calories by eating less, but it actually does the same thing to your body. For me, that’s enough reason for this item to be on the list of foods that kill weight loss.

list of foods that kill weight loss

5. Fast food

Yes, McDonald’s fried chicken is delicious and getting it will only take you one stop at a drive-thru lane. But behind your every bite is food that is packed with artificial flavorings and salt. Setting these aside, the way these fried chickens are cooked will reveal oils that you don’t want ingesting.

Studies have long been lamenting about the unhealthy effects of fast food. Since it should be available in a swift manner, the nutritional value is not quite the interest of fast food companies.

6. White flour

White flour is almost everywhere. From your pizza to your cookie snacks or unflavored bread. It might be easy to spot, but it is hard to avoid. White flour is one of the biggest sources of carbohydrates which is the culprit to weight gain.

Eliminating it totally might be a bit impossible, but I will suggest that you intake it in the most minimal amount. If you are really serious about losing weight, you should take this advice.

7. Artificial sweeteners

If you are still wondering why diet soda cannot be an exemption to this, artificial sweeteners are the culprit. Artificial sweets contain almost the same liquid calories than that of a regular soda. But in any way, artificial sweeteners are not organic which will raise the red flag of being unhealthy.

Manufacturers use to hide behind the mask of artificial sweeteners to market their products as weight loss friendly. With that, I hope you will no longer be fooled with these items on the list of foods that kill weight loss.

list of foods that kill weight loss

8. Dairy

Yes, dairy products have calcium, but it can also make you acidic. When your body has too much acid, fats will tend to absorb it as a way of keeping it off from your organs. When that happens, your digestion will slow down and toxins will not easily exit your body.

Aside from that, dairy products are usually high in carbohydrates.

9. Whole wheat

White flour will be evicted from your kitchen so you get whole wheat instead for a healthy change. Although whole wheat is better, it is just lesser evil than white flour. It might give you initial results, but in the long haul of consuming this gluten, your belly will experience bloating and eventually, weight gain.

There are also testimonies that say whole wheat can be addictive which can cause overeating. When you continuously consume this, you may have the tendency to acquire a certain craving for carbs to suffice your hunger. Now you know why it’s on this list of foods that kill weight loss.

10. Smoothies

Some diet plans actually suggest that you replace a few meals with smoothies or shake. Although some are really formulated to cut your calorie intake, some commercial ones are actually harboring carbs, sugar, and fat.

It is healthy but you should be cautious enough to scrutinize the ingredients so you will not end up sipping the food enemy.

list of foods that kill weight loss

11. Dried Fruits

You might think that dried fruits should not be on the list of foods that kill weight loss since all the carbs might have been dried out. It can be the case, but to have these fruits stay fresh, manufacturers have to pack it with sugar as preservatives. But not all dried fruits are the same, I suggest that you choose the unsweetened types to avoid sugar.

Anyway, eating the fresh fruit is much healthier than this since dried fruits are processed. As long as you can avoid this, the better for your weight loss plan.

12. Tofu

Like soy sauce, tofu is also made from soy. All the facts are clear that it is genetically modified and contains a serious amount of carbs. It is actually surprising to have some fitness buffs look at it as a substitute for other fatty foods, when in fact, soy can slow down our metabolism making it hard to lose weight.

Another point is the way tofus are cooked. Most of the time, we fry it and unconsciously, we add more calories. The oil we use might be reeking with fat that is – as you know – a weight loss bane.

list of foods that kill weight loss

13. Margarine

I think a lot of fitness newbies have this misconception that the best alternative to butter is margarine. But actually, it does the same thing to our bodies. Margarine is the powerhouse of trans fat with no obvious nutritional value, except for those that are commercially modified to sell like hot cakes to mothers.

If you are frying or sautéing, I will advise that you use olive oil instead. Still, use it in a small amount. Oil is still oil. And that’s the reason why margarine is on this list of foods that kill weight loss.

14. High-fat mayonnaise

Salads are healthy fitness meals that are usually the staple of most of those people trying to lose weight. But this weight-friendly food can be demonized by its dressing. Most of the time, we overlook one important thing. Some dressings have mayonnaise, and if you are so unlucky, it is high in fat.

Instead of using mayo, you can switch to olive or coconut oil, flaxseed, or the sunflower kind. But my safe bet for your dressing is mash avocado or fresh lemon.

15. White rice

If you are fond of Asian cuisines, it is normal to munch it with white rice. This rice is a staple of Asian countries and to my knowledge, it is also a carb-packed food. Still, not all rice varieties are bad. You can still enjoy this by switching to brown rice.

Aside from weight gain, white rice can also increase the glycemic levels in the blood, which is dangerous for those suffering with diabetes. Since its bran is totally removed, white rice lack the nutritional value as well as significant anti-oxidants.

What you eat during your weight loss course is as important as the workout that you do. It is not enough that you cut the amount of what you intake, what you should do is to examine the content of your food and know which ingredients should be removed. With that, I hope that my list of foods that kill weight loss helped you in doing so.

Do you know more of these foods to avoid? Let us know by dropping a comment.

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Top 15 Foods and Ingredients To Avoid To Lose 50 Pounds in Sixty Days!

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