9 Awesome Foods You Will Avoid To Lose 50 Pounds in The Next Six Months!

If there’s one brutal fact that I discovered about weight loss, it will be the idea that the word ‘yummy’ is many times synonymous to ‘calorie’.  The contrast is quite a tragic one for me, having fallen in love with double pound burgers and ice cream scoops. But I came to realize and accept the fact that for me to be able to kiss my fatty belly goodbye, I should acknowledge that there are delicious foods to avoid to lose weight.

I know that you have come to think that weight loss will make you abandon the fun of eating. Though it can be true at times, still, the reward is worth the sacrifice. If you are on the boat ready to sail the ocean of losing weight, here are the icebergs, er, foods that you will have to snob:

1. Carb-rich snacks

Remember those movie nights when you happily munched a box of pizza on your lap? Well, my friend, you will have to skip that part and just concentrate on the flick next time. So why pizza of all the guilty pleasures? Pizza is high in calories and is made from highly processed ingredients like refined flour and treated meat.

More of these carb-rich snacks are French fries, cheeseburgers, and potato chips. Studies had proven that eating these foods had been the greatest culprit for weight gain than any other meal. Carb-filled food can make you feel satiated easily and holds for a long period. But in the long run, it can build up fats.

Say goodbye to that potato and French goodness. It’s one of the foods to avoid to lose weight.

2. Alcoholic drinks

Although the dancing part in the bar can somehow help in burning fats, refreshing your body with booze is not a great equalizer. Your craving self might say, “Hey, the label says it’s light”, but in any way I look at it, alcohol has empty calories that can settle on your gut. If you are a regular and average wine drinker, you are bound to gain 2,000 calories from it. I guess that’s one good reason why this ‘pleasure’ is listed as one of the foods to avoid to lose weight.

One thing that is more bothering about drinking alcohol is that it will not fill you up. With that, you will just continue drinking, pee, and then drink again. Before you know it, you are far from sober and you totally forget the diet plan you promise with all your might not to break.

Aside from these, another downside of alcohol is that it can target your liver, which can make things more complicated for you.

foods to avoid to lose weight

3. Sweet drinks

I know that those sodas in cans are your on-the-go refresher when you are at work. Thanks to that vending machine near you. But did you know that these seemingly addicting drinks are one of the unhealthiest food to ingest? Calories from liquids do not, in any way, make you feel satiated that may lead you to drink more.

Also, artificially sweetened drinks are not an exemption to this because our brain might develop an irresistible craving towards it. So, if you think that your diet soda is guilt-free, you have to think twice now.

I will also suggest that the next time you go to the grocery, skip the fruit juice packs because it is another drink that you have to avoid. Although some of the labels may say “with real fruit juice”, these liquids are highly processed and are far from the organic fruit. It may just contain the same calories with that of soda and the same sugar content.

4. Sweet treats

This one really broke my heart and I’m sure that those with a sweet tooth will agree. Sweet treats like ice cream, candy bars, and pastries are high in calories and unhealthy flour that will lead you to weight gain.

As much as they are appetizing, sweet snacks can only hold its fill in just a short time. After a while, you will feel hungry again and will have the craving to eat more food. If you are really unlucky, you are devouring trans-fat on these foods.

To add on your shopping cart no-nos are cereal sold in value-packs. Larger containers can make a person eat more than 20 times than what he is supposed to consume. But if you are a budget-conscious person, you can give it a go but be strict in measuring what you eat. List this down on your foods to avoid to lose weight.

foods to avoid to lose weight

5. Frozen meals

Many times, I had been so busy that I resort to frozen meals in the convenience store to ease my hunger. But what I don’t know is that I’m eating more calories than I can actually see. Frozen meals are meant to last long on the shelf, so the manufacturers will pack it with sodium that can cause bloatedness. Once you got bloated, you will feel fatter.

These meals that I consider as one of the foods to avoid to lose weight are usually small in serving.  With this, I am certain that manufacturers had compressed calories on that tiny container to equate one big meal. You might think that you eat less, but you are actually munching tiny bites with large calorie servings.

Instead, I recommend that you just beef up your fridge with vegetables and meat for protein. These are easier to cook and might just take you the same time as reheating a frozen meal in your microwave.

6. Fiber-rich snack bars

This is confusing but too much fiber intake may actually be a bad thing when you are losing weight. Fiber fuels your stomach to keep churning and too much of it can end you up with a pissed tummy.

Also, eating one snack bar that has all the needed fiber for the day is not a good idea, as the total consumption of it should be scattered throughout the day. To balance it, you can substitute the snack bar with vegetables in your meals.

foods to avoid to lose weight

7. White bread and multigrain bread

White bread has high glycemic levels that can shoot your blood sugar high. A study that involves about 9,000 subjects showed that consuming at least 120 grams of this bread every day is the cause of weight gain for about 40%.

On the other hand, multigrain bread is one that may look very healthy for me. Although you’ll sprinkle it with loads of grains that you think can help with your fiber needs, you might try checking it out as it might be high in carbs.

So the question is, are you going to ditch bread for good? The answer is no. There are always alternatives to these foods to avoid to lose weight. You can have oopsie or almond flour bread instead.

8. “Low-fat” foods

Before you conclude that I’m already losing my mind here, I just want to say that I’m sober as ever when I put this on the list of foods to avoid to lose weight. Let me clarify it, low-fat food is good when you are consuming it the right away. But for some, they tend to over eat because of the idea that what they are consuming will not be bringing so many carbs.

But the thing here is that these are “low-fat”, not zero fat. So if you eat too much, even if it is indeed low-fat, you are still going to gain excess calories, and eventually extra weight.

foods to avoid to lose weight

Another point that I want you to know – and most probably manufacturers will not tell you this – that when food is formulated to be low-fat, some of the flavors will also be taken away. But since they want it to stay appetizing, they have added sugar which I am certain that you already know the effect by now.

9. Too much salt

Diet food can really be bland, so sprinkling good amount of salt can somehow appease our taste-craving tongues. But if you exploit it in every meal, health risks may arise without you knowing.

Although seasoning salts will not be a culprit to the build-up of fats, too much of it can increase ‘water retention’, thus making you feel bloated. When you have a bloated tummy, you will have the notion that you are fat, regardless of how much weight you lose. This may cause frustration and dissatisfaction on your part.

Also, too much salt is the cause of hypertension, and if that happens to you, you’ll have a hard time losing weight. But if you really want to add more flavors to your meal, you can look for herbs in the market which is safer than salt.

I know that these foods to avoid to lose weight might look like a punishment than a motivation for shedding your extra pounds. But since we want to achieve a healthier and slimmer body, we need to cut off the unhealthy and, tragically, the yummy.

Still, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy eating any longer. There are many diet plans out there that can make your weight loss more enticing and not hounded with hunger just because you cut these foods out. But I promise, once you get rid of these, or at least consume it in the very minimum amount, you are going to achieve your goal in six months.

So what are you scrolling for? Let’s go to your fridge and start the food purge!

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9 Awesome Foods You Will Avoid To Lose 50 Pounds in The Next Six Months!

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