4 GI Joe Exercises That Will Drop 25lbs in the First 30 days

Is a grand party due in two months but you still can’t slip on your dress or tux? You don’t have to panic if you still have to burn that extra weight aside from actually thinking of the preparation. A plan for losing 50 pounds in 60 days can help you reach your goal in nick of time, with buying an XL size as your last resort.

You might actually try a couple of physical routines in your attempt to burn calories. But much likely, you failed to some or majority of it did not work effectively. Having an exercise is not enough, you should also learn how to plan the workout so you can actually see solid results. So to help you on your target, here are the GI Joe routines that can actually help you lose weight:

1. Running plus biking

a plan for losing 50 pounds in 60 days

I bet you already saw a troop of soldiers having their morning run or jog in the field or in the camp. Aside from being a morning routine, this simple exercise can actually help you lose 25 pounds in just a month. So how will you do a plan for losing 50 pounds in 60 days? You should stick to this four-week routine:


Monday – Have a 45-minute run-and-bike alternate exercise

Tuesday – You should run three miles on the oval or in any place with no elevation like hills or mountainous spot.

Wednesday – You should run another three miles but divided it into three different paces. Go faster one mile after the other.

Thursday – Do a 45-minute run

Friday – Take a day rest

Saturday – You should run a six-mile length but not too rigid.

Sunday – In the morning, run four miles at a moderate pace and in the afternoon, bike for another 30 minutes


Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – Have a laid-back six-mile run

Wednesday – Have another three miles of easy running

Thursday – Another day of rest for a plan for losing 50 pounds in 60 days

Friday – Have a 30-minute biking session

Saturday – In the morning, have a run for six miles and another 30 minutes in the afternoon

Sunday – In the morning, run five miles, then seal the day with a 45 minute run in the afternoon


Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Have a six-mile run, easy pace

Wednesday – Spend 45 minutes biking

Thursday – Run five miles in different speed. Divide the length into five paces.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Have an easy 8-mile sprint and another 45 minutes in the afternoon

Sunday – Have an hour run in the morning then a three-mile session in the afternoon


Monday – Rest

Tuesday – In the morning, have a 45-minute run, then an hour in the afternoon

Wednesday – Have an easy five miles from running

Thursday – Have an hour on the bike

Friday – Have a 3-mile run

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Run five miles at the pace of 10 minutes per mile. Seal the routine with a 30-minute bike in the afternoon and lots of water all throughout.

2. Cardio routine

a plan for losing 50 pounds in 60 days

If there’s one routine that GIs have mastered to do, it would be the combination of cardio exercise to flex and tone their muscles. It might look like a tough choice, but the six-pack of the Joe’s is enough for me to get convinced that this is indeed a plan for losing 50 pounds in 60 days. So if you think you can be at par with the toughies, here is the plan you can follow:

Monday and Thursday

First, stretch for five minutes so you won’t get injuries. Then if you are ready, you can repeat this sets of cardio for about five to ten times.

-Hanging knee

– 10 Pull ups and pull downs

-20 Reverse Crutches

-15 Bench Dips

-20 Regular Crunches

-15 Pushups

After that, you should take a 30-minute cardio choice like biking, swimming, or walking.

Tuesday and Friday

The same drill as Monday and Thursday for the stretching, then repeat these sets of cardio in a maximum of five times.

-Your cardio choice for five minutes

-Stretching your legs

-20 Squats

-10 Lunges

-25 Left Crunches

-20 Right Crunches

-25 Right Crunches

-10 Hip Rollers

-Stretching the lower back

After this cardio set, you can cool down by having another five minutes of your cardio choice. If you are not into it, you can just stretch for another five minutes.


For this day, you should spend a long one hour on your cardio choice. But if you find that boring, you can have a combination of another cardio activity like running or swimming. You can have one hour in the morning then one hour in the afternoon.

3. The PT Pyramid

a plan for losing 50 pounds in 60 days

If you are familiar with the workouts they do in the military, you might probably hear about the PT Pyramid or Physical Training Pyramid. This goes with an image of pyramid numbered one to ten, with

10 as the peak. With this, the soldier would have to multiply the number of pushups, for example, in order to achieve the top, which is ten. To visualize this as a plan for losing 50 pounds in 60 days, here are the first three sets that you can refer to:

First Set: One Pull-ups, Two Push-ups, Three Sit-ups

Second Set: Two Pull-ups, Four Push-ups, Six Sit-ups

Third Set: Three Pull-ups, Six Push-ups, Nine Roll outs

You can see that the numbers of the exercise are rising as one goes in the pyramid numbers. After you reach the tenth mark – which I hope you can actually achieve – you can go down the pyramid by doing it in reverse. That means you have to start with the Pyramid Set 10 down to Set 1. That way, your body can cool down from the workout.

The routine is not limited to Push-ups and Pull-ups. You can actually choose your own abdominal exercise that suits your workout nature.

4. The Marine’s Workout

a plan for losing 50 pounds in 60 days

If you really want to take it to the next level, you can try doing the workout the way the Marines’ do it. It is not too simple – I need to warn you about that – but it is really effective. Those who want to enter the Marines’ and want to get physically fit in a matter of weeks usually do this exercise. Just remember to have a day of rest after a day of workout. So if you are keen to have a plan, this one is for you:

Week 1

For the first week, you can have it easier. You should do planks, hanging leg raises, Superman, push-ups, pull-ups, and more abdominal exercise that you want. Prepare a set and do this for about ten times. Upon finishing a set, rest for a minute then proceed to the next try.

Week 2

With a three-day exercise routine for this week, you will use the exercise set you used during the first week. To start, you have to run as fast as you can for 15 seconds then walk back to your starting point and start to do the first week drill. If you want a suggested routine, you can follow this three-day workout:

Day 1– You can do two sets of push-ups and running then rest for a minute. After that, do another set of push-up and sprint. You can do this for up to 12 times during the whole day.

Day 2 – Have the pull-ups and sprint doubles. Make sure to rest for a minute after that, and then proceed doing two sets of swings and sprint doubles.

Day 3 – Again, you should do two sets of push-ups and sprint doubles.  After a minute of rest, do the squats and sprint doubles.

Week 3

For this week of a having a plan for losing 50 pounds in 60 days, you will do the triple routine that consists of upper body exercise then lower body routine and sealed with a sprint.

Like the one that you do for the second week, you will do the 15-second sprint and walk back in to the starting point. Upon arriving on the start, you should do six repetitions of a triple routine with a minute of rest in between.

A triple can be a combination of push-ups, squats, and sprints. Just make sure that you got an upper body routine, a lower body routine, then the sprint.

Week 4

For this week, you are going to do some actual Marine challenge. This can be as simple as replacing your 15-second run with a quarter mile sprint with increased numbers of repetitions for the body workout. But if you want to level it up, you can do the ‘Sand Bag Squat’, ‘Dumbbell Clean and Press’, ‘Front Squat to Push Press’, and more.

I know that being confident in your own skin during a big event is important so you get to enjoy the festivity even more. So if you are problematic with coming up with a plan for losing 50 pounds in 60 days, I hope these GI toughy exercise can help you achieve that dress or tux-fitting body.

Do you have thoughts with these GI Joe exercises? Let us know and we’ll discuss it.

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4 GI Joe Exercises That Will Drop 25lbs in the First 30 days

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